FREE foot evaluation and consultation on the benefits of custom orthotics for you

During your free foot evaluation you will learn and see how your feet, knees, hips and back will benefit from custom molded shoe inserts

Orthotics GuaranteeThere’s no obligation, simply schedule an appointment and you’ll learn how proper foot support aligns the body from the ankles up. You’ll step on our state of the art Podoscope to get an exact visual representation of your own foot stance. We’ll show you the image and thoroughly explain how your feet and stance effect the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips and back. We’ll explain completely how custom molded insoles will change your foot and body posture. We’ll listen to your questions and answer them thoroughly.

Custom molded orthotics do three things:

  • Support your feet in an anatomically correct stance
  • Distribute the ground effect forces of walking and running through the entire sole of the foot rather than just the heel and ball of the foot
  • Put the foot in a neutral stance that in turn puts the knee, pelvis and lower back in a more anatomically aligned position 

Custom orthotics will help support your feet, most users feel more comfort in their knees and lower back

While everyone benefits from custom orthotics because of how they distribute the load over the entire foot, 70% of the population will significantly benefit because roughtly 70% of the population has pronated feet. People with pronated feet will immediately feel improved foot support as well as improved knee and lower back alignment.

Custom orthotics are to feet like eyeglasses are to eyes

It’s possible to get through the day without correct foot support but the difference between poor support and correct custom molded support is as great as the difference between perfect vision with glasses and poor vision without. Many eye’s need the mechanical assistance of glasses to function properly. And many if not most feet need the assistance of custom insoles to properly align the feet, knees and lower back.

Whether you’re an athlete, an “on your feet worker” a recreational walker / runner or someone that has to carry heavy loads, good foot support will ease the stresses on your feet and on your body. Get your free foot evaluation today!

Learn the benefits of custom molded insoles today, schedule your FREE foot evaluation now – call 651-429-3333.